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Selena's Compilation Releases:

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                    "16 Super Exitos Originales" (1990)       "Mis Mejores Canciones - 17 Super Exitos" (1993)          "12 Super Exitos" (1994)



                         "Selena" (1994)                        "Grandes Exitos" (1995)          "Exitos y Recuerdos" (1996)                     "Selena" (1997)


Selena's Special Releases:


        "10 Super Exitos" (1994)                  "The Selena Collection" (1995)       "Selena Motion Picture Score" (1997)

"Selena Y Los Dinos Sing-a-Long Karaoke Vol.1" (2001)


Selena's Foreign-Only Releases:

These titles are not available in the U.S:


                                       "Baila Esta Cumbia" (1992)                        "Quiero..." (1993)                        "Exitos Del Recuerdo" (1995)


Selena's Albums 1984-1988 (back...)

Selena's Promotional/Single CDs (fwd)