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"Selena Y Los Dinos' Sing A Long Karaoke Vol 1" by Los Dinos

Q-Zone Records Release/March 13, 2001

Catalog #: QZR102

Formats Originally Available: CD/Cassette

Formats Now Available: CD/Cassette

Status: In Print

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Track Listings:

1. Amor Prohibido

2. No Me Queda Mas

3. Cobarde

4. Si Una Vez

5. Missing My Baby

6. Fotos y Recuerdos

7. Que Creias?

8. Tus Desprecios

9. Ya No

10. Yo Te Sigo Queriendo 


Album Notes: - The first of two Selena Sing A Long CDs to be released by Q-Productions.

- Music-Only Tracks are here, to be able to sing a long to Selena's hit songs.

- Total Tracks: 10/ Running Time: