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"Selena: The Original Motion Picture Score" by Dave Grusin

Angel Records Release/ 1997

Catalog #: 56579

Formats Originally Available: CD/Cassette

Formats Now Available: N/A

Status: Out Of Print

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Track Listing:

1. Main Title: "Selena"

2. Kids And Chickens

3. South Texas Jive Cats

4. Selena's Dream/Mi Corazon

5. Theme From "A Summer Place"

6. Leaving Our Home

7. Selena Theme (Piano)

8. Cumbia: La Manzana

9. "Salinas" y Los Low Riders

10. Chris & Selena

11. Small Talk & Salsa

12. Dreams Of The People

13. Leap Of Faith

14. Don't Quit Music/Betrayal

15. Final Dream

16. Como La Flor...for Selena (Piano)

17. End Titles


Album Notes: - This album contains the musical score of "Selena", composed by Oscar nominee Dave Grusin.

- The Album is no longer available.

- It was released by Angel Records, a subsidiary of Captiol Records.

- Total Tracks: 17/ Total Run Time: 45:40


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