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"A Boy Like That" by Selena

RCAVictor Promotional Release/1996


1. A Boy Like That - Radio Edit (4:06)

2. A Boy Like That - Radio Edit 2 (4:06)

3. A Boy Like That - Original Edit (3:28)

4. A Boy Like That - Extended Remix (8:14)

5. A Boy Like That - Guitar Mix (5:32)

6. A Boy Like That - Dub Mix (9:17)

7. A Boy Like That - Tribal Mix (7:11)

8.  A Boy Like That - Original Full Version (5:50)

(Leonard Bernstien/Stephen Sondheim)

Informational Text: IN MEMORY OF SELENA - This Track is dedicated to Mr & Mrs Quintanilla, Chris Perez, Suzette Arriaga and Selena's extended family. "A Boy Like That" was one of the shortest songs on the original score, and it was particularly difficult to expand and contemporize. After my first two-hour phone call with Selena, her spirit crystalized the direction of the "New Jack/Latin" vibe, which she loved, after the recording sessions we talked about this being one of the cool "little tunes" of the project. We couldn't have known that this would be her last recording, made within the last three weeks of her life. She gave her all and was proud of how far she had stretched as an artist to deliver this performance. Selena's loving and ever giving spirit is truly eternal. I will forever hold the memory of our friendship in my heart. - David Pack - Producer

Selena Recorded "A Boy Like That" on February 28 & March 2, 1995.

From The Album: "Selena: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" #55535

From The Album: "Songs From West Side Story" #?


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