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"Munequito De Trapo" by Selena y Los Dinos

GP Records Release/ 1986

Catalog #: GP C/LP-1005

Formats Originally Available: Promo LP (No Cover Art), Cassette

Formats Now Available: N/A

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Achievements: Mike Chavez Awards: Selena y Los Dinos nominated "Most Promising Band", Selena y Los Dinos nominated "Keyboard Group of the Year", 'A Million to One' nominated "Keyboard Album of the Year", 'A Million to One' nominated "Keyboard Single of the Year",'Munequito De Trapo' nominated "Keyboard Single of the Year", Out of 21 categories in the Mike Chavez Music Awards - Selena was the only female artist to win an award in a male dominated sweep. All in 1987 For this album.


Review: Despite the cheesy keyboards prevalent throughout this album, Selena's smooth vocal stylings are a high point, particularly on the sweet title track. The album also contains the original doo-wop version of A Million To One, which is more effective then the updated pop version included on 1996's "Siempre Selena" -Joe Guerra, Houston Chronicle.


Track Listing:

1. Brindis de Amor

2. A Million To One

3. El Ramalazo

4. La Mirada

5. Rama Caida

6. Diferentes

7. Muñequito de Trapo

8. Cuando Despierto

9. Enamorada de Ti

10. El Circo


Album Notes: - LP version was a DJ Promo LP, with no cover sleeve.

- Munequito De Trapo appears here in its original version.

- Album no longer available in any format.

- Total Tracks: 10/ Running Time: N/A


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