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Previous News Stories....


December 8, 2002 - Entertainment Weekly grades J.Lo's Movies...

Jennifer Lopez's latest flick, Pretty Wom, err, Main In Manhattan has prompted Entertainment Weekly to  do a feature in where they review all of J.Lo's past flicks. Selena fans will be appreciative to know that they mention "Selena" as her breakthrough role, something that is being forgotten by more than a few.

Check out the feature here:,6115,396721~7~0~,00.html 


December 5, 2002 - Ones continues to hold strong....

Billboard Charts were released this morning, and Selena's latest album "Ones" is still stubbornly clinging on to the top 10 in the #10 position for it's 9th week in release. It is outselling NEW MATERIAL from such hot acts are Olga Tanon (#14) and Limite (#12).

Also a reminder, the corrected version of "Ones" (presumably with "Selena Remembered" on the DVD and the CD is enhanced) will be released next week on Tuesday December 10, 2002.



November 22, 2002 - Selena in new magazine....

Thanks to 'Santino' for this information. Selena is currently featured in a new article in a magazine called "Woman Who Rock" in where they count down the 25 woman who rock. Selena was given the # 8 slot. Tori Amos is on the cover for those who are going out there to search for it. :)


November 18, 2002 - Selena H.E.B Tributes now available for $10.

Selena H.E.B. Tribute The 1995 H.E.B Pictorial Tribute that the Quintanilla's released in 1995 is now available at the official Selena Gift Shop over at Q-Production's website for $10.00. The Magazine contains pictures and articles of Selena from different times in her life and different concerts. And includes a letter from the Quintanillas to the fans.|stuff.dat|Collectables

 All proceeds benefit The Selena Foundation.


November 14, 2002 - Selena special to air on Telemundo TONIGHT!...

A new Selena special is scheduled to air on Telemundo TONIGHT!!!! It will be on a television show called Protagonistas de la Música. I have no information as to what will be on the actual show, but from what I saw from the commercials, it is a different special than the one that aired last year. Sorry for the late notice! 

It's on @ 8PM PST. Check Local Listings.

Official Selena Gift Shop updated...NEW items...

The Q-Productions gift shop has now added new T-Shirts and music. Go over there now to get your Selena "ONES" T-Shirt which is the cover of the album except in Black. And "Selena In Concert", which is a 1994 picture of Selena in black and white.  Music-wise, the following two titles have been added: Selena: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: 20 Years Of Music Limited Editon and Ven Conmigo: 20 Years Of Music Limited Edition. 

More info on third issue of "Ones"...

The theory that this new issue is "Ones -Too" is now in limbo since the promo CD below was offered with "Ones" on television ads. So it may not be for another album.  I can say that over at, there is information that states that the album will be enhanced. So right there is at least one difference between the October and December releases. Let's hope the other difference is that this one HAS "Selena Remembered" on the DVD.




November 9, 2002 - EMI to release "Ones - Too"?

Speculation that has been fueled by this new promo CD, suggests that the 12/10/02 release of "Ones" that is currently listed for release at EMI Latin's site may actually be a second volume of "Ones" called "Ones - Too".

I am still trying to get some sort of confirmation for this, but this does seem to be the only logical reason why another issue of "Ones" is being released.

Hopefully, if this new album is released, it will contain Selena Remembered on it's DVD.

Songs on this Promo CD are: MY LOVE, MISSING MY BABY, WHERE DID THE FEELING GO, IS IT THE BEAT, CON TANTO AMOR MEDLEY. Check back for more details.


November 4, 2002 - EMI to release another version of "Ones"?...

I logged on to EMI Latin's official site and strangely enough, under Selena's discography there was a third issue of "Ones" listed for a December 10, 2002 release! I have no information as to what this new CD is, or if it's just a mistake (which is what I thought at first). Then again, I also thought of the possibility that maybe the DVD is being repressed to include the "Selena Remembered" documentary as was stated on all major press releases but not put on the actual 10/1/02 release. Perhaps they received complaints?

Will keep you posted as this date nears!


October 31, 2002 - "Ones" Update....

Just writing to let everyone know that Selena's "Ones" is still holding it's own on the Billboard Charts.  The compilation album is maintaining it's #6 slot for the second week, and is once again one of this week's greatest gainers in sales albums. You can check out the entire charts here. And on a personal/un-Selena related side note, I hope the craze that horrid "Ketchup Song"  passes over soon. That song is awful.

Also, of interest Amor Prohibido has been certified as a Double Platinum Album (even though it passed that mark a long time ago), but the Recording Industry Association of America.



October 22, 2002 - Selena has three more record certifications under her belt...

The Recording Industry Association of America has just certified awarded Selena three more record certifications this week!  12 Super Exitos, a 1994 collection of Selena's hits at the time has been certified as a Gold Record. And most importantly, Selena's first really big smash Ven Conmigo has not only been certified Gold, but has also received Platinum Record Status. 

This brings Selena's certifications to 16, but there should really be more based on sales. For example, All My Hits Vol. 2 sold 400,000 copies it's first two weeks in February and March of 2000, yet there is no certification anywhere.

Check out Selena's certifications, here.

RUMOR: Another Selena CD/DVD Set is in the works...

Again, this is a rumor but a semi-dependable one at that. But wait until official word to get all excited about it. Q-Productions is currently making plans to release a CD of some seldom heard English recordings that Selena did before her death (probably in her younger years). In addition, the DVD set will include seldom seen footage of Selena on and off the stage. 

I hope this is true, because after the success of "Ones", it's obvious that fans still want more! :)



October 21, 2002 - Selena Live The Last Concert DVD to be released in December...

I just found out that the DVD & VHS release of Live, The Last Concert has gotten another release date from Q-Productions. This time it is said that it will be out in time for Christmas on December 17, 2002.  A member over at the Selena Chat Board apparently called Q-Productions, and they gave this information. Their website should contain this information in November. You're choice if you want to believe it or wait and see... Will keep you posted.

To recap, the DVD and VHS will contain the full February 26, 1995 Concert plus a documentary on the making of "Selena" the motion picture.



October 17, 2002 - Early Show Segment aired this morning...

Apparently delayed for some unknown reason, The Early Show aired the Selena 20 Years Of Segment aired and was quite a nice little piece of promotion for the 20 Years Of Music Collection and "Ones".  Mr. Quintanilla, Suzette, and Chris Perez went to talk about the release of Ones and how Selena is still alive through her new fans.

When asked if Selena is still popular today, Suzette answered yes by saying that even today at the Museum lots of 4 and 5 year olds come up to her and tell her how much they love Selena, regardless of the fact that they were not even alive when Selena was. Abraham added that today, 7 1/2 years after Selena's death, she continues to compete with the top artists which says it all. Chris spoke about how Selena's videos were a good interpretation of who Selena was as a person, laid back and fun. He also added that the CD/DVD of "Ones" is a good way for potential fans to get to see who Selena really was.

Unfortunately they did not show the 9 individual CDs, but they did concentrate a lot of Ones which should boost sales even more.

Here is a link to The Early Show's website, which has an article of this news piece: 

Billboard Charts Update: Billboard Charts were released this morning and Selena continues to hold strong at # 5 on the Billboard Latin 50.



October 16, 2002 - Two  Selena Newsbits about TV appearances...

- Selena will be featured in a segment  on tomorrow's El Escandalo A Medio Dia (The Mid-Day Scandal) on Telefutura. Check local listings to see what channel Telefutura is on in your area, and at the time. For those in the L.A area, this is Channel 46 at 12:00 PM. Check listings to confirm.

-The Early Show did not air the Selena 20 Years Of Music segment despite it being advertised on many TV a Music sites accross the net. I will try my best to find out when it will be aired. Perhaps it was just delayed, but I am going to tape The Early Show tomorrow just to make sure that I do not miss it had it been delayed for one day.



October 15, 2002 - Selena segment will be on El Gordo Y La Flaca today!...

Just got the info that today on 10/15 at 4 PM PST (Check Local Listings) on Univision, El Gordo Y La Flaca will air a new segment on Selena which will have to deal on how more than seven years after her death she is still outperforming other artists. This information is sketchy, so make sure to watch to see in detail what the deal is. Or check back here, as I will post a summary of the news story! 

UPDATE: Nothing major, but nice just the same. The story served a promotional tool for the new "Ones" album. However, it was incorrectly reported that this CD contained unreleased material. It was likely a mix up, and they meant to say remix. 


.October 11, 2002 - Quintanilla Family will be on The Early Show next week...

EXCELLENT NEWS!  Sure to boost sales for Selena, The Quintanilla Family will on The Early Show next week to discuss the re-release of Selena's albums and "Ones". Check it out when it airs on October 16, 2002 @ 7:00 AM EST (Check Local Listings)  You can check out more information on this by clicking here!



October 10, 2002 - "Ones" is the HotShot Debut on Billboard Charts...

Billboard Charts were released today, and Selena's "Ones" debuted at #4 making it this weeks Hot Shot Debut Album on the Billboard Latin 50 Charts. The album was unable to surpass 3 other albums, including one from Enrique Iglesias, but is still an improvement over the debut of last years' Live: The Last Concert which landed on the #6 spot. We'll see what the album does next week on the chart, to see if there is a jump in sales or not.


October 7, 2002 - Selena in new Furia Musical...

Over at the Selena Chat Board, a member has posted that the new Furia Musical Magazine contains a tidbit of Selena in a segment with different artists.  Apparently there is a picture of Selena in her famous Bikini from her Acapulco Photo Shoot, and there is a caption that says Sensual Y Caliente (Sensual and Hot!). This sounds a little familiar to a magazine in my collection, but it may be new. Any information? Please email me. 



October 4, 2002 - AOL KEYWORD: SELENA...

For this who have the AOL service, you can type in "Selena" and be taken to a special AOL Remembers Selena section which has different features. These include: short bio which names her as the biggest female Latin revelation, a section to let fans say what Selena may be doing today had she lived, Photo Gallery, and a more indepth biography.

Check this out today AOL users!

Original Selena CDs no longer in print...

Also of some interest to Selena fans is the fact that EMI is no longer shipping out the original versions of Selena's albums due to the just released re-issues. There is no word yet as to when they will be shipped again, it depends on how long it takes for the limited edition reissues to sell out. Any copies of the original versions of the CDs in store are the ones that were left over from the very last shipment of Selena CDs before the re-issues were shipped. Some retailers were also asked to send back unsold copies of the original back to EMD (EMI Distribution)

Do You Remember...

- October 1, 2000 - Selena's "The Early Years" and more CDs scheduled for release...

For those few who have not heard yet, Q-Productions is releasing a five volume series of CD's entitled "Selena: The Early Years". The series consists of 5 volumes with one being released every 9 months. Also, two sing-along CDs are in the works.  UPDATE: Only one volume has been released in February 2001, the second volume is now possibly due by Christmas. Only one volume of the sing a long CDs have been released. The 2nd Volume was probably canceled altogether.


October 3, 2002- "Con Tanto Amor" enters top 10 at Univision top 10 List, help her move up!...

Over at the "new" Selena song "Con Tanto Amor" has entered the top 10 position today thanks to the votes of the fans.  It is still possible to move Selena up on the list if you go to the actual site and click the title. The title with the most clicks will be taken to number one so go now! :)  

Here is the address: 


October 2, 2002 - More information on yesterday's Selena Foundation Donations...


September 23, 2002 - As it has done every year since 1997, the Selena Foundation once again presented Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi with a check in the amount of $10,000. To be distributed equally between the school's music and theater departments this year's scholarships were awarded during a formal presentation with the Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Edward James Olmos, a member of the Board of Directors for the Selena Foundation, presented the award.

The university's theater department will use its $5,000 to fund a production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", benefiting approximately twenty students. This year the Department of Music will divide its share into separate scholarships to be awarded to eight outstanding and deserving students.
Pictures of the event over at (Thanks Mercedes for alerting me)

20 Years Of Music Collection now available at Official Site...

Q-Productions has just posted on their website select titles from the 20 Years Of Music Collection to purchase. Titles currently available are "Ones" CD/DVD @ $20.98, "Selena", "Mis Primeros Exitos" @ $11.98, and "Live" @ $13.98, but they should be adding the rest of the collection shortly. You can check them out here:|stuff.dat|Music|4|3|cat 

Also,  Tejano Retro Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are still available for purchase, these are compilation albums with all the Q-Artists, which contains some early Selena material @ $14.98. Vol 1 contains Salta La Ranita and Dulce Amor while Vol 2 contains Cuando Despierto and La Mirada. Check those out here:|stuff.dat|Music|25|3|cat 



October 1, 2002 - The Selena Foundation donates $10,000 to University...

Also making news today is the fact that The Selena Foundation has made another donation to Texas A & M University in Corpus Christi TX, in the amount of $10,000. No other information is available yet, but on the Q-Productions site their is a pic of Edward James Olmos with the headline. It will be interesting to see what he has to do with it. Go to for updates, or come back here since I will post the info as soon as they do.

EMI Latin launches last release of '20 Years Of Music' celebration...


Today, EMI Latin will release "Ones", the last of the releases that commemorates the 20th Anniversary of Selena's professional career. EMI opted to go with two versions of this CD.  One will be a regular CD, with 20 tracks. The other, will have the same 20 tracks but will also double as a DVD which will contain "All My Hits - Todos Mis Exitos on video" (IN DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 SURROUND SOUND) and the 1995 documentary "Selena Remembered" hosted by Edward James Olmos. In addition, this release features a great new ballad medley remix of three classics: Amor Prohibido/Si Una Vez/Como La Flor, called Con Tanto Amor (With Much Love). You can check this song out in it's entirety over at , use Uniclave: SELENA.

UPDATE: I just picked up my copy of "Ones" on CD/DVD, and I am sorry to say that "Selena Remembered" is NOT on the release. I do not have any information as to why not. Aside from the 13 music videos, a small but nice Selena picture gallery and a 20 Years Of Music Promo is included. I can tell you that if you have a Surround Sound system that can decode Dolby Digital sound, you are in for a real treat, because the sound on the music videos is incredible! 

RUMOR: It is being said already that EMI is planning to release "Selena Remembered" as a separate DVD sometime in the future. I hope that this is true. More info as the site gets it! 

Another possible release date for Selena y Sus Inicios Vol. II...

According to a Selena fan who went to Corpus Christi, Mr Quintanilla let her in knowing that Selena y Sus Inicios Vol. II has a targeted release date sometime in December of 2002. This is just the latest date in this long delayed CD (for those keeping track Volume III of the series was due last August).

My guess is that Q-Productions shuffled the releases around to accommodate the release of EMI's 20 Years Of Music series. It makes sense, but it still doesn't make waiting any easier. Oh, well. :)

No word yet on the DVD and VHS of Live, The Last Concert. Last anyone heard any information, it was confirmed that it was complete but that Q-Productions was still looking for a distributor (EMI is apparently NOT handling this release, it's Q-Productions on it's own)



September 24, 2002 - EMI Latin launches 2nd batch of releases from the  '20 Years Of Music' collection...

Cover image   Cover image   Cover image   Cover image

EMI will launch four new titles to add to your Selena 20 Years of Music Collection: Amor Prohibido, Dreaming Of You, Selena: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Live: The Last Concert. Each will contain bonus tracks, spoken liner notes by the band and family, and will be digitally remastered. They will also be enhanced with videos that you can view on your computer. Get them today!

September 23, 2002 - Billboard Magazine gives 20 Years Of Music Collection good marks...

Billboard Magazine recently reviewed the first four CDs in the 20 Years Of Music Collection, here it is in it's entirety:

Producer(s): REISSUE Guillermo J. Page ORIGINAL Abraham Quintanilla III
Genre: POP
Label/Catalog Number: EMI Latin H2 7243 54084027
Source: PRINT
Originally Reviewed: September 14, 2002

EMI Latin's endeavor of reissuing and remastering the entire Selena catalog kicks off with the now-legendary singer's first five albums, beginning with Mis Primeros Exitos, a collection of Selena hits prior to her signing with EMI. If nostalgia permeates this entire reissue project (which is titled 20 Years of Music), it's particularly evident in this first disc, with a very young Selena singing to the accompaniment of her then very young band, Los Dinos, playing with limited range and big reliance on a single rhythmic accompaniment. But also evident are the possibilities of a singer, who even in her teens performed with unusual abandon and an ineffable joie de vivre. Exitos is the most rudimentary of this collection, with each album progressing considerably to reach the maturity of Entre a Mi Mundo, widely regarded as Selena's breakthrough in the Latin market. Here we find full definition of Selena's trademark sound—the remarkably catchy tunes married to the distinctive, plaintive vocals and a relaxed, danceable cumbia beat—which continues to be the blueprint for female singers in the Tejano genre. Songs like "Como la Flor" and "La Carcacha" are what Selena did best, although versatility is displayed with adequate ranchera and disco tracks, a very soulful English track and, most impressive, a pop duet with Alvaro Torres (included as a bonus). The final flourish in this first batch of discs is the Grammy Award-winning Live, valuable both as a historical testimonial and a top-notch live disc. While the standout albums are the last two, the entire collection will be essential for hardcore fans, adorned as it is with "spoken liner notes," bonus tracks, pictures, and videos.—LC


September 20, 2002 - NEW Selena items at Q-Gift Shop...

Fans are now able to get Selena Key Chains, Pencil Bags, and many other cool authorized collectables over at the Q-Productions gift shop. Go to, and click on gift shop. And hey, want a personal recommendation? Get the "Ven Conmigo" poster. Apparently these were not very popular which is really a shame since it looks really good in person, and they are only $1!