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"People Weekly Tribute"

Spring 1995/$3.95

COVER: "Her Life In Pictures...Selena...1971-1995"

Stories: (72 PAGES TOTAL)

1. "Remembering Selena"

2. "Family"

3. "Together"

4. "At Ease"

5. "La Musica"

6. "Mourning"

7. "The Crime"

8. "The Winner Is..."

9. "ScrapBook"

10. "On Stage"

11. "Farewell"

Story Summary: This special issue of People Magazine paid tribute To Selena's life with one of, if not the most comprehensive biographies and interviews with Selena's family. The Issue goes from Selena's childhood beginnings, Her Grammy Win, and Her Final Performance and saying Farewell. This Issue is packed with rare photographs donated by her family as well as many fan favorites. Won of the best Selena Tribute Issues in existence, perhaps thee best. No other Latino artist at the time was honored in such a way.


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