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January 2001 News Stories Archive


- January 28, 2001 - Telemundo is confident "Selena" will bring in the numbers...

Telemundo has announced its schedule for February Sweeps. Telemundo has been in a ratings war with Univision (the leading spanish network) for quite some time now, so for the sweeps Telemundo will be pulling of some of their sit-coms to make room for some features that they think will bring in the numbers. One of the films, is "Selena" which will be dubbed and broadcasted for the time on Spanish TV. Univison has really not been to big at airing "Feature" movies, so Telemundo has high hopes.


- January 26, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez's New Movie and CD are now out...

Selena's legacy lives on through Jennifer's success....

The "Selena" star's latest CD was released on Tuesday. The new CD entitled "J.Lo" was released at midnight across the nation. Here in L.A, J.Lo made a special appearance at the Virgin Megastore for the special event. J.Lo's debut album was a great success, becoming multi-platinum and staying on the Billboard Charts for a long period of time.

Also, her new movie "The Wedding Planner" has been released today nationwide. Go see it! My Sister is an extra in the opening scene at the church. She is walking behind J.Lo, going up the stairs!


-January 24, 2001 - Pre-order Selena's "Sus Inicios" (The Early Years) Right Now!...

The Next series in the Selena music collection, "The Early Years" is now available for pre-order! The first of the five CDs in the series have now been listed at the price of $11.99 (CD) and $8.49 (Cass.). The release date listed is 1/1/10, which is a mistake unless it is coming out in 2010 :). We'll have to wait until they update the release date to know for sure, so keep checking it and pre-order it today! Its available at


- January 22, 2001 - A New Selena Movie? I Doubt it, but here's the story...

On the TV Show "Hollywood And Crime" they had a feature on Selena, and it said that Selena's father is already planning a second movie. I believe that they were talking about the musical, but somehow they messed up and thought it was a movie. Or they could also be talking about the Astrodome video, which they might have thought was a new movie.

In the event that there actually is a new movie, check back here. I will try to get more info. (Source: SOM)

LAST MIN ADDITION: I called Q-Productions today to check if this story was accurate. The woman that I spoke to said that she has not heard of any plans by Selena's father to make a 2nd movie. The only new releases of Selena in the works are: "Selena: Celebration of Life" (Q-Productions is not directly involved in the production), "Live At The Houston Astrodome" VHS and CD, and "The Early Years" CDs. So it looks right now, that there will be no new Selena movie :(. But in case that there is still a new movie that is yet to be announced check back here, for the latest news! :)


January 18, 2001 - Selena Musical Tickets To Be On Sale This Month!...

I called the Musical Homebase in San Antonio TX to get information on when tickets for the Hollywood premiere of "Selena: Celebration Of Life" would be on sale, the woman that I spoke to told me that it would be next week or the week after that. She did not want to confirm if they would be available through Ticketmaster, becuase she was not sure. But they will be available thru the theater it's self: Ricardo Montablan Theater (323)462-6666, ticket costs will range from $25-$45.

More Musical News: Rebecca Valedez will return as Selena, this has now been confirmed. _________________________________

-January 14, 2001 - Selena holds #1 and #2 spots in Attendance Records at the Astrodome...

Interesting facts that I came across today @, The Official Website for the Annual Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo at the Houston Astrodome. Selena performed three times at the Astrodome in 1993, 1994, and 1995. Below are the top 5 attendance records, what's interesting is that Selena's 1995 performance is not there (it was said to be the biggest crowd in the venue's history), but her 1993 and 1994 performances are:

The top five paid attendance records were set by the following:
66,994 Selena/David Lee Garza, 1993
66,842 Selena/Ram Herrera, 1994
66,771 Emilio/Grupo Limite, 1997
65,705 La Mafia/Intocable, 1998
64,880 Los Tucanes de Tijuana and A.B. Quintanilla y Los Kumbia Kings, 2000


-January 13, 2001 - "Selena" To Be re-released this Tuesday on VHS, but which version?

  About 1-2 months ago, almost all the online stores stopped selling all the units that they had of "Selena", and pulled them from their web-page due to the fact that Warner Bros. was planning to re-release the film. The BIG question is, Will this be the extended version that was shown on T.V?

The film , which aired on ABC in September of 1999, showed new concert footage of Jennifer Lopez as Selena, as well as other deleted scenes. Many online stores including and have this new release marked: "Additional Footage". 

But will have to wait until January 16, 2001 to know for sure as that remark can also be referring to that Disco Medley sequence at the end of the film on the VHS that was released in March of 1998.


-January 12, 2001 - Selena's "Live At The Houston Astrodome" To be released in March?

According to, the answer is YES! This Canadian music website has the video listed for release on March 30, 2001. While this is exciting news it raises some questions: 1.) Why is it being released in March, when it was always said to be in February?, and 2.)Why is it being released on a Friday when all new music and video items are always released on Tuesdays?. We'll have to wait once again to see what happens... I wouldn't mark the date on your calendar just yet...

For those who do not yet know, EMI Latin and Q-Productions Inc is releasing Selena's entire Houston Astrodome Concert on VHS, which will include a featurette on the making of "Selena". A CD version of the concert will be released as well.


-January 8, 2001 - Selena is featured in this years "Premio Lo Nuestro" Section @ Univison

Remember the emotional Premio Lo Nuestro Awards from 1995?  This year has a new Premio Lo Nuestro section for this years award show. In it, their are recaps of all the shows since 1989. Selena is pictured and mentioned many times throughout the years. Flash 5.0 required. Don't miss it.


-January 8, 2001  - Selena is In the current Issue of "FURIA MUSICAL"


Selena is featured in this weeks' Furia Musical Magazine (Ano 8, Num 24), She is on the cover (l.)  and there is a nice article inside (r.) entitled "The Queen Of Tex Mex is the Look for the 21st Century". Pick it up at your newstands today!


- January 5, 2001  - The Return of the  musical "Selena Forever"

Last may Selena fans in L.A (including me) were shocked and angered at the Universal Amphitheaters desicion to cancel their engagement with the producers of "Selena Forever". This caused the entire tour to stop.

Worry no more, the musical, now apparently titled "Selena: Celebration Of Life" is returning to the stage in Hollywood's historic Ricardo Montalban Theater on Hollywood and Vine! The show begins on February 14, 2001. Tickets are not on sale as of yet.

The Musical will run for two months with a possible one year extension before beginning a new tour.  (Source: TvyNovelas Magazine)


- January 5, 2001 - Selena is one of the top 10 Latin Artists of 2000

Thanks to my friend Pez, for this one. Selena was declared as one of the top 10 Latin Artists of 2000. She is #6, which is amazing considering that all of her albums since her death were all or mostly compilations of previous material. (Source: Billboard Magazine.)


- January 5, 2001 - Selena's "All My Hits - Todos Mis Exitos Vol.2" still on Billboard Latin 50 Charts....

I was able to go to B.Dalton yesterday and I noticed this weeks Billboard   Magazine. I could not resist, I had to see if she was in there. Sure enough, she was. This week Selena's latest album "All My Hits - Todos Mis Exitos Vol. 2" is @ #39 after one year of release outselling even Thalia's "Arrasando"! (#40).  It amazes me how powerful Selena's music still is today... (Source: Billboard Magazine)


- January 3, 2001 - Latest on Astrodome CD and Video

A Selena fan informed me that Selena's "Live at the Houston Astrodome" CD and VHS will be released some time in February. She said that she got this info when she called Q-Productions Inc. If anyone can verify this please let me know.