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"Siempre Selena" by Selena

EMI Latin - Q-Productions Inc. Release/ November 5, 1996

Catalog #: 53585 (Mexico)

Formats Originally Available: CD and Cassette

Formats Now Available: CD

Status: Out Of Print

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Achievements: Album reached #1 on the Billboard Latin 50. Selena received Tejano Music Awards Honors for her single Siempre Hace Frio. And No Quiero Saber, was selected to be one of the Official Anthems for the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.


Review: Older Recordings that just don't compare to Selena's later material mark this collection, but it is notable for Siempre Hace Frio, one of Selena's last and best Spanish efforts, originally recorded for use in the film "Don Juan De Marco". Selena was nursing a sore throat the day of recording, which added a layer of emotion to the lilting Mariachi ballad. It became another posthumous #1 hit for the singer. - Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle


Track Listing:

1. Siempre Hace Frio

2. Only Love

3. Soy Amiga

4. Como Quisiera

5. A Million To One

6. Costumbres

7. Cien Anos

8. Tu Robaste Mi Corazon - w/ Pete Astudillo

9. Ya No

10. No Quiero Saber


Album Notes: - Siempre Hace Frio was originally recorded for the film "Don Juan De Marco".

- Pete Astudillo re-did the duet Tu Robaste Mi Corazon with his vocals, replacing Emilio's.

- U.S Version comes in Blisterpack-like Packaging.

- Mexico's Version comes in a regular Jewel Case with regular CD inserts.

- Both Versions are Limited Special Editions.

- Total Tracks: 10/ Running Time 36:26 (Mexico)


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