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"Selena: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" by Selena/Various Artists

EMI Latin - Q-Productions Inc. Release/ March 11, 1997

Catalog #: H2-55352

Formats Originally Available: CD, Cassette

Formats Now Available: CD, Cassette

Status: In Print

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Achievements: Reached #1 on the Billboard Latin 50, and reached The Billboard 200. Sold more that 2,000,000 copies shortly after release.


Review: Entertainment Weekly (4/18/97)
...this is the definitive Selena document. She sings gorgeously and the heavenly falsetto doo-wop of the Vidal Brothers fits right in... A-


Track Listing:

1. Disco Medley Part I - I Will Survive/Funky Town [Live]

2. Where Did The Feeling Go?

3. Disco Medley Part II - Last Dance/The Hustle/On The Radio [Live]

4. Is It The Beat?

5. Only Love

6. Oldies Medley - Blue Moon/We Belong Together (Performed by The Vidal Bros.)

7. Dreaming Of You

8. A Boy Like That

9. I Could Fall In Love

10. Cumbia Medley - Como La Flor/La Carcacha/Bidi Bidi Bom Bom/Baila Esta Cumbia [Live]

11. Viviras Selena (A Tribute to Selena) - Performed by Pete Astudillo, Graciela Beltran, Barrio Boyzz, Emilio, Jennifer Pena and Bobby Pulido.

12. One More Time ( A Tribute to Selena) - Performed by Lil' Ray


Album Notes: - Selena's three English Language singles on this album where recorded in 1989, when Selena first signed on to EMI Latin.

- The first CD's pressed had a simple rose on the Disc, the 2nd presses added the "Selena" Movie Logo to the Disc.

- A Boy Like That was originally released on "West Side Story" CD  in where Selena was featured in.

- The Live Tracks were all taken from Selena's Astrodome performances throughout the years.

- Total Tracks: 12/ Running Time: 58:09


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