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"Preciosa" by Selena y Los Dinos

RP Records Release/ 1988

Catalog #: RP LP-8801

Formats Originally Available: LP, Cassette

Formats Now Available: N/A

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Achievements: Tejano Music Awards: "Terco Corazon" nominated for "Single of the Year", Tejano Music Awards: WON "Female Entertainer of the Year", Tejano Music Awards: WON "Female Entertainer of the Year" for this album.


Review: Selena Opted for a more glamorous look on this album, which finds Los Dinos tightening up as a band. The song Quiero is one of A.B's best early efforts, and there is also a cover of Juan Gabriel's Siempre. Another higlight is the original version version of Cien Anos , a Mexican classic that has been rearranged and released off 2000's "All My Hits - Todos Mis Exitos Vol.2". Songwriter Ricky Vela contributes two ballads - Como Te Quiero and Sabes - the precursors to No Me Queda Mas, one of the biggest hits he wrote for Selena. - Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle.


Track Listings:

1. Terco Corazon

2. Cien Años

3. Siempre

4. Quiero 

5. Sabes

6. Quiero Estar Contigo

7. Como Te Quiero

8.Yo Fui Aquella

9. Como Quisiera

10. Cariño Mio


Album Notes: - "Preciosa" is now out of print in all formats.

- Many of the songs have been rearranged and released on different compilations throughout the years.

- "Cien Anos" appears here in it's original version, it was remixed in 1996 and again in 2000. It also appears on the CD "16 Super Exitos Originales".

-Total Tracks: 10/ Running Time: N/A


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