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"Live" by Selena

EMI Latin Release/ May 4, 1993

Catalog #: H2-542770

Formats Originally Available: CD and Cassette

Formats Now Available: CD and Cassette

Status: In Print

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Achievements: Selena won her first Grammy for Best Mexican American Album for "Live". Won Best Album of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards. Turned Triple Platinum Record Status.


Review: Selena earned a Grammy for this album, recorded in Corpus Christi. It's a sizzling reminder of her blossoming talent onstage, most notably on the extended versions of Baila Esta Cumbia, Como Lo Flor, and La Carcacha. The album's three new studio tracks  - cumbias No Debes Jugar and La Llamada and the Emilio duet Tu Robaste Mi Corazon - were polished precursors to her 1994 release Amor Prohibido. -Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle


Track Listing:

1. Como La Flor/ Baila Esta Cumbia

2. Amame, Quiereme/ Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti

3. Ven Conmigo/ Perdoname

4. Que Creias?

5. Si La Quieres

6. Porque Le Gusta Bailar Cumbia

7. La Carcacha/ Besitos

8. Ya Ves/Las Cadenas/Yo Te Amo

9. No Debes Jugar

10. Tu Robaste Mi Corazon w/ Emilio

11. La Llamada


Album Notes: - Selena gave a free concert at the Corpus Christi Coliseum to record this album.

-Mexico's version has the songs arranged in a different Order.

-Mexico's version is billed "Selena y Los Dinos" and called "En Vivo" w/ different Disc Graphics.

- No Debes Jugar. Tu Robaste Mi Corazon and La Llamada are studio recorded and not live.

- Total Tracks 11/ Running Time 55:52


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