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"Selena y Sus Inicios: The Early Years, Vol.1" by Selena (w/ Los Dinos)

Q-Records Release/ Unofficial On-Sale Date: February 8, 2001/ 

Official Date: February 21, 2001

Catalog #: QZ-101

Formats Originally Available: CD/Cassette

Formats Now Available: CD/Cassette

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Achievements: The album that launched the new record label Q-Zone Records.


Review: N/A


Track Listings:

1. Te Amo Solo a Ti

2. Pensando En Ti

3. Con Esta Copa

4. Pero Como Te A'ido

5. Dame Tu Amor

6. Dame Un Beso

7. Soy Amiga

8. Yo Te Dare

9. Dulce Amor

10. Corazoncito


Album Notes: - The first in a 5 volume series

This is the first time for many songs to be released on Compact Disc Format.

- All Songs are in their ORIGINAL forms, not the remixed versions found on "Anthology", etc.

- The entire CD has been Digitally Remastered for this special release.

- Released by Q-Zone Records w/o EMI Latin.

-Total Tracks: 10/Running Time: 33:16


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