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"Entre A Mi Mundo" by Selena

EMI Latin Release/ May 5, 1992

Catalog #:H2-42635

Formats Originally Available: CD, Cassette

Formats Now Available: CD, Cassette

Status: In Print

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Achievements: First Tejano Album to turn Double-Platinum. Won Best Mexican Regional Album at the 1993 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards. Won best Album of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards. Como La Flor became an international #1 hit.


Review: The pop flavoring grows more apparent in this set, which finds Selena maturing as a vocalist and song interpreter. It also includes her first international solo hit Como La Flor and Que Creias? a searing kiss-off anthem that would become a fan favorite during Selena's concerts. The album also features the fun cumbia La Carcacha and the R&B-flavored pop song Missing My Baby. Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle


Track Listing:

1. Si La Quieres

2. Como La Flor

3. Yo Te Sigo Queriendo

4. Que Creias?

5. Las Cadenas

6. Vuelve A Mi

7. La Carcacha

8. Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti

9. Missing My Baby

10. Amame


Album Notes: - Selena's signature hit Como La Flor debuted on this album.

- Album was billed as a Selena solo album, under decision by the label.

- Amame was co-written by Selena.

-Total Tracks: 10/ Running Time 34:44


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