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"Anthology" by Selena

EMI Latin - Q-Productions Inc. Release/ April 7, 1998

Catalog #: 94110

Formats Originally Available: CD, Cassette

Formats Now Available: CD, Cassette

Status: Out Of Print

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Achievements: Reached #1 on the Billboard Latin 50. Sold its first 500,000 copies (Gold) in its first two weeks. Became one of the most successful Selena albums.


Review: "Anthology" offers a glimpse of the singer honing her skills and embracing her talent. Spanning the years 1985-95, it is divided into Three Discs: Pop/English, Mariachi, and Cumbia. Besides seldom-heard tracks, the album showcases the amazing talents of A.B, who gives many of the songs fresh arrangements. - Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle


Track Listings:

CD1 - Pop/English:

1. Always Mine

2. No Quiero Saber

3. Don't Throw Away

4. La Bamba

5. I'm Getting Used To You

6. Yo Fui Aquella

7. Captive Heart

8. Amame

9. Missing My Baby

10. Disco Medley: Last Danse, The Hustle, On The Radio


CD2 - Mariachi

1. El Ramalazo

2. Dame Tu Amor

3. Pa' Que Me Sirve La Vida

4. Diferentes

5. Siempre Hace Frio

6. Que Creias?

7. Quiero Estar Contigo

8. Rama Caida

9. Sabes

10. Tu, Solo Tu


CD3 - Cumbia

1. Yo Te Dare

2. La Puerta Se Cerro

3. Corazoncito

4. Enamorada De Ti

5. No Debes Jugar

6. Carino Mio

7. Salta La Ranita

8. Te Amo Solo A Ti

9. La Llamada

10. Baila Esta Cumbia


Album Notes:- This 3 CD Boxed Set was a Limited Edition Release, and all copies have now been shipped.

- Selena's father has written and Introduction and descriptions of each song, which is included in this album

- A.B, Selena's brother and other staff has remixed over half of the songs on the album.

- The music goes back as far as when Selena was 14.

- Total Tracks: 30/ Running Time: 111:12


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