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"Selena" (1989) 

Tracklistings: 1.) Tu Eres;  2.) Sukiyaki;  3.) Contigo Quiero Estar; 4.) Besitos;  5.) Amame, Quiereme;  6.) Tengo Ganas De Llorar;  7.) My Love;  8.) Quiero Ser;  9.) Mentiras;  10.) No Te Vayas; 11.) La Bamba; 12-21.) Spoken Liner Notes by the Band and Family.

Background: The first release in this collection is the much sought after self-titled debut album (this is the one that sold for over $100 each time a copy became available on eBay). Originally released on October 16, 1989 "Selena" was the first chapter of what would be a Book of Records by Selena for EMI Latin. It originally contained 10 tracks, only a couple of which have survived until today (Besitos and Amame, Quiereme) and that was only because those two songs were included on the "Live" album. Hopefully with this re-release, these songs will become better know because they are really terrific.

Review: As A.B points out in the Liner Notes, this is her first real "masterpiece", because it is the first album by Selena in which Los Dinos really start experimenting with other sounds other than just pure Tejano. This was indeed the beginning of the "Tejano/Pop" sound that Selena would invent by the time of "Entre A Mi Mundo".

Without a doubt in my mind, the best songs on this disc are "Tu Eres", "SukiYaki", "Amame Quiereme", and "No Te Vayas".  Suki Yaki , as many know, was originally Japanese and as Mr Quintanilla says in the Liner Notes, he thought a Spanish version would be a good idea. He was right. Selena is able to let her voice flow smoothly but at the same time evoke much passion. This is even Suzette's favorite song on this album, she says on the CD.

No Te Vayas sounds unlike anything else that Selena has ever done, or will ever do for the remainder of her career. A tropical flavored number, it's something you would expect to hear in Hawaii or another tropical setting. This is a prime example of what A.B meant in experimenting with other styles of music.

Also a prime example is "My Love" ("Don't Throw Away My Love" on the "Anthology" album). This song, written by Selena herself (thank you very much ;) ), is pop driven that could have competed with anything in the mainstream market in the late 80's.

This was a very exciting time for Selena y Los Dinos, as her family points out in the Liner Notes: a time for growth both professionally and as people. Both of these elements would result in even better music.  Music that will be able to top it's self time and time again with each album.

Bonus(es) for the re-issue: As a Bonus Track, EMI has included "La Bamba". This is not Selena's original version, but the remix from the Anthology which is a shame. But it still sounds great, and it does represent Selena's very first Billboard Charting Single! Throughout the printed Liner Notes, all of the lyrics are printed along with informative text about the CD. There are also pictures from Selena's earlier days. And as with all of the albums, Liner Notes with A.B Quintanilla, Suzette Quintanilla, Mr. Abraham Quintanilla Jr, Pete Astudillo, and Ricky Vela.

CD Grade: B+ 

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