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"Mis Primeros Exitos" 

Tracklistings: 1.) Estoy Contigo; 2.) Sentimientos;  3.) Acuerdate De Mi;  4.) Tu No Sabes;  5.) Costumbres;  6.) Siempre;  7.) Dame Un Beso;  8.) Yo Fui Aquella;  9.) Carino, Carino Mio;  10.) Dulce Amor;  11.) Quiero Estar Contigo;  12.)  Terco Corazon;  13.) Dime;  14.) Ya Se Va;  15.) Cien Anos;  16.) Quiero...;  17.) Spoken Liner Notes By The Band And Family

Background: Release on March 3, 1990, Mis Primeros Exitos was originally titled 16 Super Exitos Originales. Unlike the two later compilation albums released in 1993 and 1994, each one of these songs were re-recorded using new arrangements. All of these songs were originally recorded by Selena in the 1980's when she was a teenager, and it is amazing to see that at one time a teenager actually DID have a powerful voice. The purpose of this album was to allow a wider audience see what brought Selena y Los Dinos to this point in their career. Prior to signing with EMI, Selena's record label mostly covered Texas only.

Review: Truth be known, I like this album a little bit better than "Selena". I do not know why, but I think it gives a better sense of who Selena was as an artist at this time. This album is filled with Tejano Rancheras that are real catchy to the ear. Right from the beginning of the disc with "Estoy Contigo", Selena effortlessly kicks off what will be a powerful performance with a smooth tone in her voice, before kicking her voice into high gear. 

 "Tu No Sabes", is also a catchy Tejano Ranchera, written by Ricky Vela of which Abraham Quintanilla says is his favorite title in the entire CD.

Two of the main highlights on the disc are perhaps Selena's biggest hits of the 1980's, "Dulce Amor" and "Dame Un Beso". These two songs allowed Selena to be wider accepted in the Tejano scene in the 1980's when the barriers for women singers barely began to break.

My personal favorite track of the entire album was the classic "Cien Anos". This single was remixed and released in 1996, but this version is the definitive one. It is more faithful to Pedro Infante's original version, and Selena does justice to the spectacular mariachi tune.

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Bonus(es) for the re-issue: As Bonuses, EMI has included rarely seen pictures of Selena and scattered them throughout the written line notes. There is also the introduction text of the album, as well as all the lyrics. But most special are the Spoken Liner Notes by the band and the family. Interesting tidbits are revealed throughout them, including A.B detailing that the album was actually recorded in a garage that was converted into a studio. Abraham explains how the concept of the album was reached, and Suzette lists what her favorite songs are as well.

CD Grade: B+

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